Hosting a Roaring 20’s party can be a fabulous and fun event that transports your guests back to the glamorous era of flappers, jazz, and speakeasies.

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Here’s how to host a Roaring 20’s party:

  1.  Set the Date and Venue:

    • Choose a date and location for your party. A vintage or art deco-style venue would be ideal, but you can also decorate any space to evoke the era. Depending on how many people you intend to invite and your budget.
  2. Invitations:

    • Design invitations in the style of the 1920s with art deco patterns, fonts, and colors. Encourage guests to dress in 1920s fashion.
    • You can purchase invitations that you can personalize. Here are a few ideas:

3. Decorations:

    • Decorate with art deco motifs, gold and black color schemes, and plenty of feathers and pearls.
    • Set up a “speakeasy” bar area with jazz-age cocktails like martinis and Old Fashioneds.
    • Use vintage items like gramophones, typewriters, and antique furniture to create an authentic ambiance.
    • Add low lighting with candlelit lanterns or string lights to create a cozy, 1920s atmosphere.

4. Costumes:

    • Encourage guests to dress in 1920s fashion. For men, think suits, suspenders, and fedora hats. For women, flapper dresses, headbands with feathers, and pearls are perfect.
    • Provide accessories like feather boas and fedoras for guests who need them.

5. Music:

    • Create a playlist of jazz and swing music from the 1920s for dancing. You can also hire a jazz band or DJ to provide live entertainment.

6. Activities:

    • Set up a dance floor with Charleston dance lessons for your guests.
    • Organize a costume contest with prizes for the best-dressed flapper and dapper gent.
    • Consider having a poker table or other card games as gambling was popular during this era.

7.  Food and Drinks:

    • Serve finger foods and hors d’oeuvres like shrimp cocktails, deviled eggs, and mini sandwiches.
    • Have a variety of classic cocktails available, such as the Sidecar, Bee’s Knees, and the French 75.
    • Don’t forget to serve non-alcoholic options for designated drivers and non-drinkers.

8. Photo Booth:

    • Set up a photo booth with 1920s-themed props like feather boas, bowties, and top hats. It’s a great way for guests to capture memories of the evening.

9.  Party Favors:

    • Send guests home with small 1920s-themed party favors like mini flasks, vintage-style keychains, or personalized matchbooks.

10. Safety and Transportation:

    • Ensure guests have safe transportation options, especially if alcohol will be served. Arrange for designated drivers or ride-sharing services.

Remember, the Roaring 20’s were all about extravagance, so go all out with your decorations and encourage your guests to embrace the era’s spirit. With the right atmosphere and attention to detail, your Roaring 20’s party is sure to be a hit!