If you’re looking for gift ideas for jigsaw puzzle lovers that go beyond the puzzles themselves, here are some suggestions:

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  1. Puzzle Board or Mat: The first suggestion is a specialized puzzle board or mat that allows them to work on their puzzles and easily store them when not in use. 
A jigsaw puzzle board

Jigsaw Puzzle Table with Drawers

2.Puzzle Accessories: Consider accessories like puzzle glue, so they can preserve and frame their completed puzzles.

3.Puzzle-themed Decor: Find items like puzzle-shaped pillows, blankets, or wall art that incorporate a puzzle theme into their home decor.

4.Puzzle-themed Clothing or Accessories:T-shirts, mugs, or jewelry with puzzle motifs can be a fun and quirky way for them to express their love for puzzles.

5.Subscription to Puzzle Magazines: Gift them a subscription to a puzzle magazine so they can enjoy new and varied puzzles regularly.

6.The serious jigsaw puzzler:  If they are fanatic about jigsaws, then they may love this note pad to keep track of their jigsaws.

7.Puzzle Storage and Sorting Trays: Specialized trays or containers for sorting and organizing puzzle pieces can be very helpful for enthusiasts.

8. Customized Puzzle: Create a customized puzzle using a meaningful photo or image. There are services that allow you to turn your own images into jigsaw puzzles.

9.Puzzle-themed Board Games: Explore board games that involve strategy or problem-solving to appeal to their puzzle-solving skills.

10.A posh jigsaw puzzle. Yes, you could always get them another jigsaw puzzle, but how about one that is a bit different such as a wooden one.

11. Good jigsaw puzzles. Of course, anyone who likes jigsaw puzzles, (me included!), just want more jigsaw puzzles. Don’t buy them a ‘funny’ one, such as a blank jigsaw, or a bag of sawdust that says, ‘worlds hardest jigsaw’. They are funny for less than a minute and in my opinion a waste of money. Bring enjoyment by getting a really nice jigsaw. Here are some I would love.

12. The Ultimate gift - tickets to the world championship!

Why not take them to the jigsaw puzzle world championship. This is held in Spain every year. Check it out here.