Cottagecore explained

Cottagecore and fairycore are both aesthetic movements that romanticise certain lifestyles and elements of nature, but they focus on different themes and visuals. Here’s a detailed comparison:

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1. Themes:

        • Emphasizes a rural, pastoral lifestyle.
        • Romanticizes simplicity, self-sufficiency, and traditional living.
        • Focuses on activities such as gardening, baking, and crafting.
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2. Visuals:

  • Earthy tones and natural colors (greens, browns, beiges).
  • Vintage and rustic decor (wooden furniture, floral prints, handmade items).
  • Imagery of countryside cottages, farms, meadows, and forests.

3. Influences:

  • Influenced by historical and pastoral literature, folklore, and a longing for a simpler, pre-industrial way of life.
  • Often connected to the “back-to-the-land” movement and homesteading.


1. Themes:

  • Emphasizes a whimsical, magical lifestyle.
  • Romanticizes fantasy, mythology, and fairy tales.
  • Focuses on elements such as magic, enchantment, and mythical creatures.

2. Visuals:

  • Soft pastels and vibrant colors (pinks, purples, blues).
  • Ethereal and mystical decor (fairy lights, crystals, delicate fabrics).
  • Imagery of enchanted forests, fairies, mushrooms, and sparkling elements.

3. Influences:

  • Influenced by fantasy literature, folklore, and fairy tales.
  • Often connected to a love for nature, magic, and the mystical aspects of the natural world.

Key Differences

  • Lifestyle vs. Fantasy: Cottagecore is more grounded in a tangible lifestyle that people can aspire to in the real world, focusing on day-to-day activities and a slower pace of life. Fairycore, on the other hand, leans towards a fantasy world, celebrating the magical and mythical aspects of nature and imagination.

  • Aesthetic: Cottagecore aesthetics are more rustic and practical, reflecting a bygone era of rural living. Fairycore aesthetics are whimsical and otherworldly, reflecting an enchanted, fantasy-inspired vision of the world.

  • Color Palette: Cottagecore tends to use more muted, natural colors, while fairycore uses brighter, more ethereal colors.

Both aesthetics celebrate a connection to nature and a slower pace of life but through different lenses—one practical and pastoral, the other magical and mystical.