Easter decoration ideas

Creating Easter decorations can be a fun and creative way to celebrate the holiday. Here are some ideas for making Easter decorations:

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  1. Easter Egg Decorations:

    • Decorative Eggs: Paint, dye, or decoupage eggs for a colorful and festive touch. You can use real eggs or craft eggs available at craft stores.
    • Egg Wreath: Glue decorated eggs onto a wreath form for a beautiful Easter wreath.
    • Egg Garland: String decorated eggs together to create a festive garland.
Decorative Easter Eggs

Decoupage Napkins

Tissue paper napkins are great for decorating objects decoupage technique, and as a decoration on the table.

Natural Wooden Eggs
3 sizes to choose from.
Made from unfinished beech wood.

This Easter decoration Paint Your Own Easter Egg Kit from Gisela Graham is perfect for
keeping your children (and grown-ups) entertained this Easter.

2. Easter Bunny Crafts:

  • Bunny Banners: Create a banner with bunny-shaped cutouts using colored paper or fabric.
  • Sock Bunnies: Make cute bunny decorations using old socks, buttons, and ribbons.
  • Bunny Silhouettes: Cut out bunny shapes from paper or felt and use them as table centerpieces or wall decorations.

A lovely Easter paint your own kit containing plaster of Paris Easter Bunny, a carrot & an Easter Egg.

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Including clear instructions and materials sourced in the UK, this felting kit is perfect for those who are new to crafting!

3. Spring Flower Decorations:

  • Paper Flowers: Craft colorful paper flowers and arrange them in vases or as a centerpiece.
  • Floral Wreaths: Create wreaths using artificial flowers or spring blooms like daffodils and tulips.

4. Easter Centerpieces:

  • Easter Basket Centerpiece: Fill a basket with eggs, flowers, and small Easter-themed items.
  • Mason Jar Arrangement: Decorate mason jars with paint or ribbon and fill them with flowers or Easter grass.

5. Easter Table Decor:

  • Egg Cups: Turn egg cups into mini vases for small flower arrangements.
  • Napkin Rings: Craft bunny-shaped or egg-shaped napkin rings for a festive table setting.

6. Easter Tree:

  • Easter Tree: Decorate branches with hanging eggs, bunnies, and other Easter ornaments.

7. Easter Signs and Banners:

  • Chalkboard Signs: Use a chalkboard or paper to create festive Easter signs.
  • Banners: Craft a “Happy Easter” banner using paper, fabric, or felt.

8. Easter Candle Holders:

  • Decorated Candle Holders: Decorate candle holders with ribbon, twine, or painted designs.

9. Easter Window Decorations:

  • Window Clings: Use window clings or stickers to create Easter scenes on glass surfaces.

10. Easter Egg Topiary:

  • Egg Topiary: Stack decorated eggs on a cone-shaped foam base for a decorative Easter topiary.