Choosing a thoughtful and considerate gift for a deaf person involves considering their interests and preferences. Here are some gift ideas:

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  1. Personalized Sign Language Jewellery:

    • Customised jewellery featuring sign language symbols or initials can be a meaningful and stylish gift.

ASL Name Slide Bracelet

ASL Name Hand Stamped Chain Bracelet, the perfect gift for the American Sign Language lover or interpreter in your life!

Use these charms to make your own jewellery.

I love you sign language necklace personalized with a silver letter charm and birthstone.

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2. Vibrating Alarm Clock:

  • A vibrating alarm clock with adjustable settings can help a deaf person wake up without relying on sound.

This is a vintage clock, it lights up as an alarm.

3. Books or E-books:

  • Choose books by deaf authors or books that explore deaf culture and experiences.


A heartfelt and inspiring memoir and celebration of Deaf culture by Nyle DiMarco, actor, producer, two-time reality show winner, and cultural icon of the international Deaf community

Warm, funny, thoughtful, and uplifting, this captivating memoir is a testament to one woman’s determination to find the keys to connection.

Why not create your own activity experience and create a voucher on Zazzle.

4. Customised Deaf Artwork:

  • Commission or find artwork that incorporates deaf culture or sign language, making for a unique and personal gift.

Digital print, featuring the timeless wisdom of Mark Twain.

These are printable poster packs.

Most of us know what this means in sign language.

5. Personalized Notebooks or Journals:

  • Customized notebooks with their name or a thoughtful message can be handy for note-taking or journaling.

6. Sensory-Friendly Gifts:

  • Consider sensory-friendly items like cozy blankets, stress-relief items, or scented candles for a comforting touch.

You can personalize these candles with your words and images.

I may be slightly biased towards Jigsaw puzzles, but they are a great gift for me!

7. Gift Cards for Experiences:

  • Choose gift cards for experiences like massages, spa days, or restaurants where the focus is on non-auditory enjoyment.

There are lots of treats on Etsy, get them to choose with a gift card.

8. Technology Accessories:

  • Bluetooth speakers with visual cues, vibrating notification devices, or high-quality headphones can enhance their tech experience.